Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monsanto exposed

Those of us who have fought the Monsanto takeover of food have reason to rejoice if only somewhat.
The Associated Press has exposed the fiendish (there is no other word for it) plans and mechanics of the world's most powerful food supplier. the following article and be certain to call, write, HELL YELL at your congresspeople.
This MUST be stopped!
Your lives and the planet depend upon it!
Read the article here and don;t say you weren't warned.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tamiflu - medical equivalent of a mirage.

After all that has been written about the so-called pandemic, I am still asked by many if they should get the flu shot.

When are we ever going to learn that the government, the FDA and Big Pharma are in collusion with each other? The citizen's welfare is not the government's concern. The citizen is a commodity to be exploited.

Finally, The Atlantic Magazine has written an expose of the Tamiflu mirage and I hope that everyone reads this (click here) because we are about to have another mirage crammed down our collective throats. Government run healthcare.

There is hope, however in the grassroots movement of tea parties and I hope that more Americans will join in and be part of this movement ala Nouveau American Revolution. Otherwise, we will get exactly what we bargain for...monarchy.

This country is run by, at the least, attorneys who create chaos at our expense. The 13th amendment was ReWritten to include lawyers when it originally excluded any person with a title...and that includes esquire.

Any wonder we hate lawyers more than used car dealers?