Sunday, January 31, 2010

What happened to the Swine flu PANDEMIC?

Anyone heard anything lately about the swine flu pandemic? Funny, me either. Maybe we all got vaccinations? Not according to the CDC. In fact, vaccinations have been given to so few that most counties, states and countries are sending back their supplies to the pharmaceutical companies.

Is it possible that the Swine Flu was less of a pandemic than the World Health Organization advertised. In fact, several countries in Europe and Asia are mounting their own investigations into the World Health Organization and Big Pharma.

Could it be, they ask, that it was a fraud?

It also turns out that the swine flu was actually less virulent than the seasonal flu. Hmmmmm. May I suggest you read this article from the Wall Street Journal and decide for yourself how the pharmaceutical companies handled the research.

And then, while you're at it, think about how many people die everyday from taking their dangerous drugs. It isn't that pharmaceuticals aren't important in very limited situations, but they certainly bear scrutiny by patients because many of these drugs are downright killers.

Your FDA is not doing its job. You have to take responsibility for your body.