Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brain Food

Our brain is the single most important organ in our body. While there are many so called protocols that purport to increase brain function, like unsupported electronic technologies that supposedly "map" the brain waves and "readjust" the scrambled waves, a new product has appeared on the market. That product is Prevagen.

"Our brains contain calcium-binding proteins that protect our brain cells. These proteins deplete with age. Prevagen is the only all-natural brain supplement that can replace these proteins and prevent memory loss. In scientific studies, Prevagen protects cells by up to 50% according to the manufacturers. Keeping brain cells alive can result in a healthier brain, a sharper mind, clearer thinking and better memory."

It is rare in the extreme that I support a company's product, but this one appears to to actually work. If you or someone you know is suffering from memory difficulties, try it!

I have many clients with memory issues and this well may be the answer for them.
You can order Prevagen by clicking on this link.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mammography "avoidable risk of breast cancer."

Well, here it is...Thanksgiving. We have been a bit preoccupied lately and I want to apologize for the delay. Foremost, I want to wish all of our supporters, a truly thankful holiday. We know how so many are suffering from this "downturn" but be thankful we are here and not somewhere where it is really bad.

This week all across the country the Komen Foundation sponsored a three day Breast Cancer Research walk. More mony for research that proves nothing and only puts money in the coffers of the cancer industry. The women are incredibly committed, but the cause is flawed. If there was no more money in research a cure would be that much closer.

That being said, I did want to emphasize the importance of not having a mammogram done. This week, there was a huge backlash from the press for reporting that women from 40 on did not need a mammogram annually. The backlash only shows how hard the industry will fight to preserve its on agenda.

I strongly suggest you all read the following article and see what so may of us have already known and preached for so long. Additionally, Thermography is a real alternative. No pain. No radiation. No risk of cancer. But you will hear very little about this safe alternative that will detect cancer six years before a mammogram.

So my thanksgiving wish for you is that you read and learn and have an annual painless radiation free thermogram done. For a certified thermographer near you, see

Gobble gobble. (Why is the sound of a turkey the same as eating?)