Friday, March 12, 2010

Curing the Incurable

Recently (this morning) I had another client call in tears. Her doctor had diagnosed her with discoid Lupus, an incurable disease. Her doctor told her that she had to see a rheumatologist who would most likely put her on Methotrexate or Remicaid. Both of these have as a side effect, sudden death. That's encouraging. You can die from the cause or the cure.

Now, my first response to her was to calm her down and ask her to ask her doctor "What can you cure?" The answer for those of you going on Jeopardy, is NOTHING! Have you ever known a physician that cured anything? This is a phramaceutical world, folks. Cure is NOT in their vocabulary. Control is.

Lupus and many other so called incurable diseases are may times caused by mycoplasma infections. I have studied mycoplasma infections for nearly 30 years and I am still amazed at how many doctors have no idea what they are, so let me explain (again) what a mycoplasma is in a very short version. You can also read more about mycoplasma here.

According to Taber's Medical Dictionary, "Mycoplasma are a group of bacteria that lack cell walls and are highly pleomorphic." First, they are not bacteria. Pleomorphic means they have the ability to change shape and form. In other words, they can change and act like a virus OR a bacteria.

They do not respond to antibiotics. They will however, respond to several natural substances such as a good colloidal silver such as Sovereign Silver (make sure you use this brand) or certain brands of olive leaf extract such as Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex.

The infection is reversible and Doctors like Garth Nicolson and others do it all the time. They do respond to various other therapies such as hyperbaric and BioWave Rife generators.

Please do yourself a favor and do not do a knee jerk reaction to a physician's diagnosis. Remember, these guys cure nothing but they do know how to prescribe meds.

I love these labs that spend billions of dollars on research to find no cures whatsoever.

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  1. Hi Hugh and Dianna! I'm really grateful to find a blog on treating mycoplasma illnesses. A similarly-interested Dr noted on youtube that mycoplasmas have been a consistent finding in all his diabetes patients (type 1 personally), so I have been using OLE (olive leaf extract) for several days now. At just one capsule (33mg @ 18% oleuropin, the dieoff is simply so strong, I'm forgetting things as I go from one room to another. (this is standard in an insomnia period for me)). Do you have any blogposts or suggestions on what helps mitigate herxheimer reactions? Browsing BioCytonic's shoppe turned up interesting results, especially Cumanda. I do wish I could come down for a consultation, but Denmark's quite a flight.