Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Alternative therapists have long held that cancer can be beaten using herbals and enzymes. This is particularly true when it comes to pancreatic cancer often considered incurable.

Of particular note is the long held belief by many physicians that herbals are useless against disease even though most pharmaceuticals are derived from plants. I even had one patient's doctor say "There is no evidence that herbs are effective and besides, 90% of our drugs are derived from herbs." (If you didn't quite understand that incredible piece of logic, read it again...I don't either.)

Today, a report emerges concerning papaya and you can read it here!

This qualifies for another "duh" on the "Here is more proof of herbal efficacy" meter.

But, no matter, we may soon have mandatory health care that will eliminate the "duh" factor and present Americans with more of the same logic you read above.

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