Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The drug companies smarten up

No one can say the drug companies aren't doing their homework. Anyone who has seen a drug commercial has to be amazed at how many side effects are mentioned...unless you are totally brain dead while you watch some gent happily playing ball with his grandson after taking some medication that has the potential to kill him.

Well, Big Pharma has unveiled their new approach...NO COMMERCIALS! That's right. What they are doing now (and I think this will be the new trend) is presenting their commercials as Public Service Announcements.

While an "interviewer" talks to a doctor in front of a microphone "Tell me doctor, what is PAD?" The doctor responds with all the problems associated with PAD.

"So doctor," the interviewer responds "What does someone do for PAD?"

"Well, for more information regarding this potentially life threatening disease, go to our website and read more about treatment options."

The beauty of this so called public service announcement is that the drug companies do not have to tell you the side effects of the drugs since they are not talking specifically about a drug. They are just informing you and the side effects are now neatly nestled within the website. Cool, huh?

Soon, you will see these PSA's (public service announcements) all over television and in the print media. Now, you have no reason to throw a tantrum about the drug's side effects because these nice people have circumvented that little difficulty by avoiding the drug and concentrating on the disease.

You have to love the 21st Century. Oh, and if you don't have internet service, trust your doctor. After all, he prescribes what the drug companies tell him to and they have your best interest at heart. Well, you and their stock holders.

Am I getting to be a cynic or what?

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