Thursday, March 18, 2010

IBS and Colon problems

Q. What causes IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
Like many colon diseases (diverticulosis, diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, leaky gut) the primary cause is the Standard American Diet and the overuse of antibiotics. Because our food supply is full of antibiotics and dangerous chemicals, it really is a wonder that the entire U.S. population hasn’t succumbed to this.

These additives reduce the friendly flora in the colon thus causing these diseases. The first answer is to avoid antibiotics whenever possible. That means eating as organic as possible and avoiding foods that contain chemicals and or derivatives such as MSG (which now goes under the pseudonym of partially hydrolyzed soybean oil). There are also new foods on the market that can also contribute to this and these are the GMO or genetically modified foods that are appearing more frequently. These foods incidentally, are not regulated by the FDA so it is up to the consumer to beware. READ LABELS!

Q. How do we get parasites and how do we keep from getting reinfected? Which supplements do you recommend for ongoing maintenance?
First, undercooked or raw foods are a huge culprit. That means steak tartar and sushi are high on my list of “no-no” foods. These make me want to pull out my hair. Parasites, of course, are killed by high cooking temperatures so cook your food!

That caveat applies to salads, as well. This is especially true of salads in restaurants. In a survey done some ten years ago by the FDA, 100 restaurant salads were checked and every single one had human fecal material. Restaurants are a notorious source of parasitic infections.

Some parasites enter the body through the soles of our feet, through orifices in the body when swimming in contaminated water (9 young boys under 13 died last year alone swimming in the warm water lakes of Arizona and becoming infected by a parasite that entered the ears).

Drinking water that is “treated” can also be an issue. Standard methods of water treatment such as chlorine will not kill pathogenic parasites like cryptosporidium. Hundreds of people die each year due to cryptosporidium in the water supply. Drink only water you know for certain is pure and labeled as such. Your own treatment system is a plus especially if it treats with reverse osmosis and UV.

For ongoing maintenance, I suggest (after an initial cleanse of 90 days), a 7 day cleanse every 6 months. We use Cumanda, but you may also use Black Walnut Hull tincture with wormwood and both are effective. Cumanda is a bit more broad spectrum for sor some of the more exotic critters.

Q. How about information about stopping free radical damage and candida removal?
Free radicals are part of the natural healing process of the body. However, when free radicals go crazy, they can cause premature aging and diseases such as cancer.

Free radical damage occurs when the body cannot properly utilize oxygen. The oxygen left behind in the system attaches itself to the red blood cells and causes a breakdown in their ability to perform their function in the system and this is called oxidation.

This occurs when we exercise, eat chemical laden foods, exposure to pesticides, radiation or during an illness like a simple cold. This is why taking antioxidants like vitamin C, grapeseed extract, SOD (Super oxide dismutase) etc., is so important, especially to athletes. Regardless of what mainstream media reports, taking supplements can and does reverse many illnesses. Even the American Cancer Society recently admitted that Resveretrol reverses and prevents melanoma!

Q. I’ve been told that reverse osmosis filters remove important minerals from the drinking water. How do we remineralize the water.
There are many good supplemental mineral products on the market that can be added into the water once it passes through the reverse osmosis filter. One of these can be found on the Biocytonics website as Trace Minerals.

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